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Satin Top Hat with Tan Accents and Goggles
  • Satin Top Hat with Tan Accents and Goggles

    This tam and black schemed hat featured a Satin top hat (S-L) that we've made with a variety of feathers including: ostrich, coque, goose, and marabou feathers. We've accented the hat with chrome goggles- which are removable, wearable, and easily swapped out. If you'd like it with a different color or style goggle- just message us :)


    Add a mask to your cart to have an additional look available that you can swap out easily! 


    This full sized hat fits a small to large head. The elastic comfort band on the inside helps adjust to different headsizes, keeps sweat rings from forming on the outside of the hat, and keeps pressure points off of your head. 


    *due to the nature of feathers - slight variations may occur in the appearance of the design received. We will contact you if we feel that the variation is greatly obscured for your approval. 

    • Care Instructions

      Spot clean the hat with water only. 

      If the feathers get wet - let them air dry. 

      If your hat and/or feathers get dusty - you can easily blow off the dust by using a blow dry on COOL air. 

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